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July, 2017

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New Company Founded By Ex-Senior Members of ARM With A Team Built From the Ashes Of Sony Guerrilla Cambridge


After a period of significant developments within Cambridge’s burgeoning tech sector, Virtual Arts, a pioneering virtual, augmented and mixed reality software company, which is creating high-fidelity content and technology that is being demanded by the market and making it accessible to mass market mobile devices, is proud to announce its official launch.  Virtual Arts was initially formed in December 2016 after the strike out co-founders Nizar Romdan (CEO) and Doug Day (CTO) left their positions at the world’s leading semiconductor IP company ARM, where they held the roles of Director of Developer Ecosystem and Engineering & Game Demo Manager respectively.  As a result of the closure of the Sony Guerrilla Cambridge studio, Nizar and Doug seized the opportunity to mop up a wealth of talent to join the Virtual Arts team.  Following a successful round of seed investment the Virtual Arts team have set about achieving their ambitions while raising the next round of Series A funding and are interested in talking to any potential investors who share the vision.

Driven by a unique understanding of the mobile market and in-depth analysis based on Virtual Arts independent research, the team set to work building a unique technology platform that will meet the requirements and challenges of VR/AR/MR development and enable stunning content for on entry level devices.  Virtual Arts unique content IP will be spread across games, animations and interactive experiences that a user can only experience immersive technologies.

There will soon be a world where virtual reality headsets are as readily available and as easily disposable as coffee cup holders. The devices of today with their current performance capabilities will be the dominant devices. The content being delivered to these devices will come from Virtual Arts and the companies using Virtual Arts’ unique technology platform to create content” commented Virtual Arts CEO Nizar Romdan.

The Virtual Arts’ development team boasts many years of experience creating cutting-edge graphics demos as well as working with developers using graphics engines and middleware running on ARM’s latest mobile chips.  From a content perspective the Virtual Arts’ team has extensive experience working on AAA game titles for a first party Sony studio, which includes  the BAFTA Award-winning titles Sydney 2000 and LittleBIG Planet as well as Killzone Shadow Fall and RIGS, which was a Playstation VR launch title.

Virtual Arts is creating content in line with its own technology to be able to push the boundaries on both fronts. The AAA content that the team is used to producing fuels the backend of the technology and in turn enables them to create even more stunning content.  Virtual Arts is already working with a number of hardware partners across VR, AR and MR, which is helping them fulfil their aim to have amazing content available to everyone on every level of device.

GOING TO BE AT DEVELOP?  Come and say hi to the Virtual Arts team, which will be setting up shop on the ground floor of the British Airways i360 Experience directly opposite the Hilton Brighton Metropole.  The team would love to say hello and if you fancy a flight let us know and we’ll make it happen.

VIRTUAL ARTS IS HIRING! Virtual Arts is constantly on the look out for innovative, forward-thinking pros to join us.  Anyone interesting in bringing their unique skillset to the Virtual Arts team should visit the website or email


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For more information on Virtual Arts or to speak to Nizar Romdan please reach out via our contact us page

Virtual Arts team punting in the River Cam by King’s College, Cambridge.


“Virtual reality is like dreaming with your eyes open” – Brennan Spiegel, VR Doctor