About Us

We are a leading state of the art

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

technology and interactive content developer

based in Cambridge, UK.

Our Vision

Founded in 2016 with VR, AR and MR in mind, our vision is a world where everyone has easy access to high quality immersive content. We see VR headsets, AR and MR devices becoming readily available in public places. Imagine cardboard headsets in your local shops and communities as readily available and as easily recyclable as coffee cups.

Challenges of VR, AR and MR

For the masses to adopt VR, AR & MR into their daily lives there needs to be the pull of great and diverse content. Unfortunately, VR/AR/MR experiences are very hard to get right – especially for mobile. There are lots of technical challenges to achieve visually stunning and smooth performance as well as a natural interaction within a limited power budget.

Our Content & Technology

We are developing a strong portfolio of VR, AR & MR content covering a wide range of interactive entertainment. Entertainment such as games, interactive experiences and animated pieces.

To enable the most beautiful visuals we are also working on our own technology built from scratch to meet the requirements and challenges of VR/AR/MR development. Our technology will be scalable from mobile to PC including consoles in between. This technology will enable stunning content beginning with entry level smartphones, being used with Google Cardboard. All the way up to high end PCs, powering HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms.

Our Team

Our team members are veterans from ARM and Sony Guerrilla Cambridge, responsible for leading technology advances as well as several high-profile games and experiences. This includes developing mobile tools such as the ARM DS-5 Streamline Performance Analyzer and ARM Mali Graphics Debugger, Mobile graphics demos such as Ice Cave and Timbuktu. Alongside released games such as BAFTA winning Syndey 2000, LittleBIG Planet, Killzone Shadow Fall and RIGS which was a Playstation VR launch title.