About Us

We are a Mobile XR

(Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality)

Software Technology Company


Our Vision

Our vision is a world where everyone has easy access to high quality immersive content. We see AR, VR and MR devices becoming readily available in public places. Imagine cardboard headsets in your local shops and communities as readily available and as easily recyclable as coffee cups.


Our Team

Our team members are veterans from ARM and Sony Guerrilla Cambridge predominantly. Experiences range from developing mobile tools such as ARM DS-5 Streamline Performance Analyzer and ARM Mali Graphics Debugger to mobile graphics demos such as Ice Cave VRTimbuktu and AR demo, Magic Mirrors back in 2012.

Released games the team has worked on include Sydney 2000 (BAFTA), LittleBIG Planet (BAFTA), Killzone Mercenary and RIGS which was a Playstation VR launch title.